Diabetes is recognized at an alarming harbinger of cancer

Oncologists have analyzed the data of about 50 thousand patients.

American physicians came to the conclusion that diabetes of the second type may signal the development of pancreatic cancer. According to experts, the disappointing findings point to the results of several studies.

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The doctors warned that the malignant tumors that appear in the pancreas are extremely treacherous. It is reported that only eight percent of patients with this diagnosis have a chance to live up to five years.

The main reason for such a sad phenomenon difficult diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The fact that even the high development of modern diagnostic tools do not always help to cope with this problem, reports the journal of the National cancer Institute.

To confirm the theory oncologists analyzed data from about 50 thousand patients over the period from 1993 to 2013. It turned out that people suffering from type II diabetes, greatly increases the detection risk of pancreatic cancer. The greatest dangers were exposed to patients with endocrine disease in the early stages.”Our data support the hypothesis that recent onset diabetes – is a manifestation of pancreatic cancer,” said researchers. They said that long-term endocrine disease is a significant risk factor of malignant tumor.

We will remind that earlier researchers have discovered a protein that helps cancer cells to highlight the microscopic extracellular vesicles, stimulating the growth of malignant tumors. The results of the experiment are intended to help in the development of new methods of treatment of oncological diseases.