Dentists called the most important myths about teeth

Teeth require special care.

Dental care and oral hygiene is extremely important not only for a healthy smile, but for overall health. German dentists exposed some of the popular myths concerning this issue.

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There is a widespread view that pregnant dangerous trip to the dentist. However, all the experts in the field of dentistry believe that during pregnancy and needs special care for the oral cavity due to hormonal changes. Hormones often influence the development of diseases such as gingivitis or bleeding gums.

Remember that local anesthesia, which is used when carrying out different kinds of dental procedures are completely safe for women and for the unborn child.

Is believed that bad breath necessarily indicate any problems with the stomach. We are talking about a disorder called halitosis, which is the third most spread cause of converting people to the dentist’s.

The cause of halitosis can be stomach problems, but over 90% of cases of unpleasant mouth odor were attributed to problems in the oral cavity, i.e., poor hygiene, tooth decay or periodontitis.

After eating the food between the teeth stuck in its remains, which also enhances the smell and accelerates pathological processes.

Have to expose the myth that braces break down tooth enamel.

Teeth after wearing braces require special care, so one cleaning to get rid of. If you do not follow the strict recommendations of the doctor, increases the risk of tooth decay or gingivitis. But this does not mean that the blame braces cause problems with your teeth are you, a man who is not doing what he was told doctor.Perhaps the most common myth that I hear dentists, is the assertion that perfectly white teeth are perfectly healthy. In reality, studies have shown that the color of the teeth is very different, from grey to yellowish, and it says nothing about their health.

Teeth color is genetically determined, so even the crystal white teeth can be sick, and yellow teeth are completely healthy.