Dead poet Andrey Dementyev

The famous poet died Tuesday, June 26, in Moscow.

Radio and television host, a song Andrey Dementyev died in 90-m to year of life, an informed source in medical circles, writes with reference to .

“Andrei Dmitrievich died in the 1st City hospital after a long illness. He quite a bit did not live up to 90 years”, — said the source.

On admission of the poet became known on 10 June. Then his wife Anna Pugach denied information about problems with the health of the poet, and explained that it was a planned visit to the doctor. “We went to the Botkin hospital, now, he [Amos] feels good,” she said.

Andrei Dementyev was born on 16 July 1928. Among his most famous poems, “do Not dare to forget teachers”, “No offense to children,” “to Be old is no easy thing”, “Never about anything not regret after”. Songs to poems by singing such artists as Lyudmila Zykina, Vadim Mulerman, Sofia Rotaru and others.

In addition, from 1981 to 1992, the poet had led a popular literary magazine “Yunost”. In the 1990s he began to work on television and radio as a reporter and presenter.