Company Elijah wood is working on creating computer games

The game will employ virtual reality technology.

The company of Hollywood actor Elijah wood’s SpectreVision and developer of games Ubisoft will be working together to create computer games Transference. About it writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

About the project the actor said backstage at the press conference Ubisoft”s E3. According to him, the project will constitute a full game, not the scenario in virtual reality.

It is known that the wood company is principally engaged in the production of horror films. While VR technology has contributed to the fact that the movie was more entertaining and frightening.

After work began on Transference, the actor realized that games wants to do in the future.It is expected that the presentation of the game Transference will take place in the fall of 2018. It will be available on PC and XBox.

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