Chevrolet has unveiled the updated Spin

Chevrolet has unveiled the updated compact MPV Spin.

The refreshed model will come to market next month. Front-wheel drive minivan Chevrolet Spin release in 2012, it is designed for countries in South America writes with reference to .

The model is built on the same platform as well-known to the Russians sedan Chevrolet Cobalt. Release and compact MPV and “chetyrehdverki” established in Brazil and debuted a refreshed Spin.

And so far the only cross-version Activ with a plastic kit. A standard van will show later. The front portion of the Spin Activ was performed in the style of the refreshed Cobalt (in South America, the sedan was updated at the end of 2015): the model was similar headlamps and grille.

Another compact MPV got new lights, the rear number plate moved to the baggage door, which has changed the shape. In addition, the “crossover” has lost an external spare wheel – it is now located underneath. In the cabin is the redesigned front panel, and another steering wheel and “tidy” from a Chevrolet Tracker with an analog speedometer instead of a virtual one. The equipment list includes air conditioning, rain sensor, cruise control, entertainment system, rear view camera, Parking sensors.

Restyled Chevrolet Spin Activ will be available in five – or seven-seat versions, whereas previously three-row variant was only on the standard model.

For the average passenger of the second row seats provides a three-point seatbelt (previously lap) and the headrest.

“Sofa” and previously had a separate part, and now you can not just lay back, but moving these pieces on the rails in the range 110 mm. In Brazil, the Spin will be offered with the same engine 1.8 Flex (same engine and is equipped with a Brazilian Cobalt), which runs on both gasoline and ethanol.

In the first case, the power of the motor is 106 HP and the second – 111 HP Model is equipped with six-speed “mechanics” or “automatic”. MKP has not changed, but the automatic transmission was recalibrated, and it is now faster gear changes.

As stated in Chevrolet Spin Activ with upgraded “automatic” gain first “hundred” for 11.3 seconds – almost a second faster than the predecessor. Also, the company noted that the restyled compact van – a soft suspension, even before there was an active radiator shutters that open only when needed.