Called the possible causes of rapid weight gain

The doctors explained what the extra inches around the waist and not only.

People who are overweight, have a lot of excuses to explain their obesity. Moreover, the bulk of obese men and women believe that recovering from air and water, and while eating very little.

In fact, there are about two dozen reasons that provoke a set of excess weight. About them and was told by nutritionists that everyone can identify, from which he rapidly recovers.

The most common provocateurs of recruitment of extra pounds:

1. Eating fast food or food “on the go”. Large chunks of food the stomach can not digest, but because all the excess is processed into body fat.

2. Insufficient drink. Water cleanses the body and stimulates peristalsis, thereby accelerating the metabolism and nothing in excess is not retained in the body.

3. Frequent visits to special events, parties and other events, accompanied by a feast.

4. Regular lack of sleep and excessive workloads, lead to the fact that the person ceases to observe the regime and not eating when needed, and more or less free time, which may be at 23:00 and later. The whole day he can starve.

5. Sedentary work – the enemy figure N1. The only thing that can save the person from obesity, it is walking daily walks, morning exercise, regular exercise after work and short breaks during the working day, during which you have to squat, do push-UPS, a quick walk or even run.

6. Large portions and “supplements” will lead to the fact that the weight will start to increase every day.

7. The consumption of carbonated beverages, especially sweet, has a negative impact on digestion, which can cause obesity.

8. High-calorie snacks that you can buy on the way to work and then eat them the whole day without a stop, disturb metabolism and help you gain weight.

9. A trip to the supermarket on an empty stomach without a list is an unnecessary purchase, especially in the Department of finished products, which contains some of the daily allowance of calories. When this way of life obesity can not be avoided.10. Those who prefer the Elevator instead of the stairs, more prone to weight gain. The same applies to motorists who almost do not move.