An unusual robbery: in Kiev from the hands of the woman snatched the leash with the dog

The price of these puppies in the kennels starts from $ 500.

A curious incident occurred in Kiev on the street of Moscow near the Pechersky police Department, reports quoting .

The local resident went for a walk with her Staffordshire Terrier, and then she was attacked by a robber, the object of a criminal assault was not the inhabitant of Kiev, and… her dog of combative breed.

On the street the inhabitant of Kiev jumped to the tall guy with the hat pulled down over his eyes, and snatched from the hands of the leash, and then ran away with her staff.

Why the dog was given into the hands of the stranger and did not protect the mistress of mystery. From open sources it is known that dogs of this breed have a high threshold of irritability. They need early socialization and consistent training. It often happens that a dog becomes aggressive if he feels any danger. Is wary of strangers.

At the same time, we know that the price of puppies of staffa in the capital’s nurseries starts from $ 500.Where the robber was going to attach an adult dog but still someone else is an open question.

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