Americans invented the triangular wheel

Section allow for two seconds to change form.

American democracy will be able to climb to the most remote places in the world, Agency DARPA introduced the wheel, which is not quite the wheel.

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DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), part of the Ministry of defense, showed a unique development, created by the engineers of the robotics center of Carnegie-Mellon. The mind is a wheel that is assembled like in the films of Ridley Scott, but the original undertaking will be envied by even the legendary father of “Alien.”

Sliding partitions allow two seconds to change the shape from round to triangular. For movement on a hard surface like a wheel, and to overcome the offroad — mover, looks like its outline for so-called “gusyanka”.Here it is, a dream jepara! After all, “gusyanka” on the same “Field” is put instead of the original “rollers”, while the American system allows you to combine all in one movement. But it was developed for military purposes and adapted for civilian purposes is fraught with obvious difficulties.