Amazing photos: baby whale shark approached the canoe

The photo was taken with a quadcopter.

Photographer Dimitri Karanikolov from Bulgaria, resting in the Philippines, captured on camera an eerie scene: he filmed monster-man-eater who tried to swallow a fisherman in a canoe, reports citing .

The creation is so close to the boat that almost knocked her down, then how one could become a wonderful dinner.

The attached photo was taken by a drone. Resting was surprised by the reaction of the Filipino: a fisherman is absolutely not responded to the threat (he stretched and yawned on). Bulgarian at the time was preparing for the worst…

As it turned out, the creation, are swam to the canoe, it was a baby whale shark. These sea creatures are absolutely harmless, as it eats only plankton and shrimp.Adults can reach twelve meters in length. The locals live in harmony with the data of peace-loving sharks.

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