A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for women

Scientists urge women to sit less.

Women who spend a lot of time sitting, the risk of getting health problems.

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More than five thousand Australian women took part in a research study under the direction of Dr. Paul Gardiner from the University of Queensland. Its essence is to determine how long and often sits to the average woman during the day.

In the experiment, experts found that the participants who sit for about 10 hours a day, more at risk of developing life threatening diseases. Prolonged sedentary lifestyle also significantly weakens the immune system, prolonging the period of recovery from infectious diseases.

Australian experts came to the conclusion that the optimal variant is five and a half hours a day. Scientists urge women to sit less and more exercise.American experts from Stanford University conducted a study among pregnant women and found that high blood sugar increases the risk of heart disease in a child. In addition, sugar increases the risk of congenital heart disease in children in the first trimester of pregnancy.