A head-on collision in the Zaporozhye region: three dead and two injured

Young people were killed, woman and child in the hospital.

Today, June 25, in the early morning of the seventh, 348 km of the highway “Kharkiv-Simferopol” (Zaporizhia region) happened a fatal accident, reports citing .

According to police, the driver of the car “GAZ-24” is not lost control, causing the car drove into the oncoming lane where faced with “Skoda Fabia”.

In the accident killed three people — the driver and the passenger of “Gas” from the Vasilievsky district of Zaporozhye region (1994 and 1987) and the driver of “Skoda” from the Kharkiv region, born in 1980. A woman born in 1988 and eight-year-old girl who were in “Skoda”, was admitted to the hospital.Open criminal proceedings on signs of part 3 of article 286 (violation of traffic safety or transport operation by the persons operating vehicles) the Criminal code of Ukraine, reports the Department of communication of the police of Zaporozhye region.